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The Cameron County Parks System Mission is “to provide safe, quality outdoor recreation opportunities to the citizens and visitors of Cameron County at an affordable price and to develop and protect the County’s coastal resources and natural habitats.”

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Joe E. Vega, Parks Director

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Cameron County Parks © 2015

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Cameron County’s parks are open year-round. Park rangers patrol the parks to ensure visitors’ safety. Specifically, they enforce the county park system's park rules and regulations by providing education and issuing verbal or written warnings or summary citations to violators. Rangers patrol the parks using fully-equipped patrol vehicles, and they also patrol the parks and trails on foot and on bike.  Minor violations are often handled by a verbal or written warning; however stronger enforcement actions are sometimes needed.


Rangers can issue citations or summons for violations and are trained in arrest techniques, firearms, search and seizure and defensive tactics.


Dial 9-1-1 and a Ranger Officer will be dispatched to your location immediately.


Please remain calm during an emergency. If you do not provide your location in a calm manner, the dispatcher may be unable to hear you clearly. This may delay our response time. 


Be as descriptive as possible in providing your EXACT location, so that we may find and assist you quickly.



For more information about the park rangers or to report illegal activity within the county parks, visit the Rangers' Station at Andy Bowie Park or call 956-761-3700. For emergencies requiring immediate attention, call 911.